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Best Places to Work as a Pharmacy Technician

March 09, 2023

Best Places to Work as a Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians and pharmacists both experienced quicker job growth than the national average. The main drivers of growth are the need for people to fill prescriptions and offer patient care, the aging population, and the rising demand for prescription drugs.

As a pharmacy technician, you will work alongside pharmacists to ensure patients receive their prescribed medications. Your daily tasks may include preparing and dispensing medications, operating dispensing equipment, and interacting with patients.

Additionally, you will have a lot of freedom where you choose to work, the level of patient interaction you prefer, and whether you want to work with a specific patient population or a variety of patients.

Continue reading to learn about the different healthcare settings for pharmacy technicians and which is the best fit for you. First, let's start with an overview of the daily tasks, roles, and responsiblities of pharmacy technicians.

What is a Pharmacy Technician?

Pharmacy technicians are vital healthcare

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