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Health Tech Academy’s medical assistant bootcamp prepares you to earn a CCMA credential, empowering you to work in a variety of clinical settings.

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Program Length

16 Weeks



Avg. Starting Salary


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Become a Medical Assistant in 16 Weeks

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to start your career as a certified medical assistant, working closely with doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners to support patients throughout their care journey.

  • Measure vital signs, such as blood pressure
  • Assist providers with exams and procedures
  • Schedule patient appointments
  • Record patient history into electronic medical record systems (EMR)
  • Prepare samples for laboratory tests
Weeks 1

Begin instructor-led bootcamp

Weeks 2

Get on-the-job clinical training as apprentice

Weeks 3

Pass clinical competency checklist

Weeks 4

Earn industry-recognized certification

Weeks 5

Land a Job

Weeks 6

Continued support from mentors and coaches.


About the Medical Assistant Bootcamp

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Web browser with internet connection
  • Course registration and payment
Cost & Included Materials

Cost & Included Materials

  • $3,450
  • Instructor-led video-based training
  • eBooks: Elsevier - The Clinical Medical Assistant, 14th Edition
  • CCMA exam fee
Student Services

Student Services

  • Mentorship from expert coaches
  • CCMA Certification Exam Prep
  • 6-month post-program access to career coaches

What Will I Learn?

Our medical assistant bootcamp combines self-paced online learning and on-the-job training to prepare you to land a job within weeks.

  • Course 1: General Orientation
  • Course 2: Anatomy and Physiology
  • Course 3: Medical Terminology
  • Course 4: Medical Law and Ethics
  • Course 5: Human Relations
  • Course 6: Pharmacology
  • Course 7: Administrative Processes
  • Course 8: Clinical Procedures

Download the syllabus to view all courses and requirements.

Preparing for the Medical Assistant Certification Exam (CCMA)

Our online program and expert coaching prepares you for the nationally-recognized clinical medical assistant certification (CCMA) through the National Healthcareer Association’s (NHA).

Career Possibilities for Clinical Medical Assistants

Clinical medical assistants are in high demand, with job opportunities growing every day. Health Tech Academy’s medical assistant bootcamp prepares you to work in physician’s offices, hospitals, outpatient clinics, and a variety of other healthcare facilities.

Medical assistant measuring patient vital signs in doctor’s office

Physician Offices and Medical Clinics

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Physician Offices and Medical Clinics

Medical assistants working in physician’s offices assist doctors and nurses with scheduling patient appointments, collecting patient information, and recording vital signs. More than half of all medical assistants work in this setting.

Average Annual Salary: $37,610

Medical assistant registered a hospital patient


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For individuals who thrive in high pressure situations or require schedule flexibility, working in a hospital may be the right fit. Medical assistants working in hospitals will often perform both clinical and administrative tasks, including urgent patient care.

Average Annual Salary: $39,550

Medical assistant supporting patient recovering from surgery

Outpatient Care Centers

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Outpatient Care Centers

Medical assistants in outpatient care centers may assist with minor surgeries and procedures, perform lab tests, or provide mental health care depending on the facility.

Average Annual Salary: $44,680

Medical assistant caring for patient in an OBGYN practice

Other Healthcare Facilities

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Other Healthcare Facilities

Medical assistants are also needed in a variety of healthcare settings, including pediatrics, OB-GYN, chiropractic, diagnostic laboratories, and clinical research. These roles may require additional training or certification and may include either clinic or administrative tasks or both.

Average Annual Salary: $38,190

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*All salaries according to 2021 estimates released by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.




Learn on your schedule



Job ready in 16 weeks



1:1 coaching and mentorship to help you succeed

Gain the knowledge and skills you need for a job in healthcare – and the confidence to transform your career.


Clinical Medical Assistant Program Comparisons

logo-mark Community College Online Colleges
Program & Tuition Cost $3,450 $2,000 to $10,000/year $3,000 to $10,000/year
Books, Materials & Fees Included + $500 to $2,000 + $500 to $2,000
Certification Exams & Fees Included + $100 to $160 + $100 to $160
Job Ready Timeline 4-6 months 1 to 2 years 6 months to 2 years
100% Online
Schedule Flexibility
1-on-1 Coaching & Mentorship
Job Placement Assistance
Clear Path to Certification
No Travel Requirements

Gain the knowledge and skills you need for a job in healthcare – and the confidence to transform your career.

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Medical Assistant Training Program FAQs

What do Certified Clinical Medical Assistants (CCMA) do?

Clinical medical assistants work alongside providers to provide quality patient care, such as registering patients, updating patient health records, administering injections or medications, and assisting with exams or procedures.

What is CCMA certification?

A Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) is the nationally recognized certification for medical assistants. Some states require certifications, while others do not; however, most employers prefer, if not require, CCMA certification.

Can anyone take the medical assistant certification exam?

No, there are criteria you must meet to be eligible for the NHA’s CCMA exam. You must have your high school diploma or GED and you must complete an eligible training program, such as Health Tech Academy’s Clinical Medical Assistant Bootcamp. Students who complete the Clinical Medical Assistant Bootcamp are eligible and well-prepared for the certification exam.

How do I get my CCMA certification?

Upon successful completion of the Clinical Medical Assistant Bootcamp, students should apply for the exam provided by the National Healthcareer Association.

Are medical assistant healthcare professionals?

Yes, medical assistants are healthcare professionals. They play a vital role in providing quality patient care by assisting providers, answering patient questions, and maintaining accurate patient records.

What technology do I need to complete Health Tech Academy’s medical assistant training program?

Our medical assistant training program is online, so you’ll need access to a computer, as well as a reliable internet connection.

How long is the medical assistant training program?

Health Tech Academy’s clinical medical assistant training program is self-paced but designed to be completed over the course of 16 weeks. (That’s significantly less than many medical assistant training programs!)

Will the medical assistant bootcamp help me get a job

Absolutely! Certified medical assistants are in high demand and Health Tech Academy’s team of career coaches are here to support you through the certification process, resume building, and mock interviews. With our efficient, engaging learning environment, you’ll be ready to land a job in a matter of weeks.

How much do medical assistants make?

Salaries range based on certification status, experience, and location. The average annual salary of a medical assistant is $37,190. Completing Health Tech Academy’s certified medical assistant training program can help improve your earning potential by giving you in-demand knowledge and skills, career mentorship, and prepare you to obtain the industry-recognized CCMA credential.

Do I need healthcare experience to start the medical assistant training program?

Do I need healthcare experience to start the medical assistant training program?


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