Certified Physician Practice Management Training (CPPM) Course

Develop a wide range of specialized skills needed to effectively run a healthcare practice. Health Tech Academy’s practice management training prepares you to earn your Certified Physician Practice Manager (CPPM) credential in a flexible and personalized learning environment that fits your busy schedule.


Boost Your Career with a Physician Practice Manager Certification

Take that next step in your career and demonstrate your professional knowledge in the wide range of skills required to effectively manage a healthcare practice. Through engaging online learning, you’ll expand or enhance your skill set to distinguish yourself in a thriving job market, with support and guidance from coaches and mentors along the way. Our self-paced practice management training program prepares you to achieve your CPPM certification, and can be completed in just 12 weeks!

Who Should Become a Certified Physician Practice Manager (CPPM)?

Practice managers are essential leaders who help ensure medical offices are run smoothly. Strong practice managers have a wide range of knowledge and are effective communicators and leaders. If you are a healthcare professional who excels at problem-solving, is detail-oriented and organized, and enjoys guiding others, Health Tech Academy’s practice management training can prepare you for this rewarding career.

Certified Physician Practice Manager
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What You'll Learn in this Medical Clinic Manager Training Program

Health Tech Academy’s online practice management training equips you with knowledge surrounding the processes, systems, and business fundamentals needed to excel as a practice manager. You’ll also have an opportunity to work one-on-one with your personal mentor who will give you guidance and help you explore your career possibilities.

Managing Your Practice

Gain the confidence you need to step into a supervisory role in a fast-paced healthcare setting. You’ll learn about effective patient flow, health information, and general business processes so you can effectively manage a medical office.

Managing Personnel

People are the heart of healthcare. Discover management techniques and human resources fundamentals to help effectively recruit, train, retain, and lead teams.

Managing Finances

Healthcare office managers need to have a foundational understanding of day-to-day medical billing and coding, as well as the big-picture revenue cycle management. In Health Tech Academy’s practice management training, you’ll learn about principles of medical office accounting so you can help ensure your practice meets its financial goals.

Managing Compliance

Healthcare is a highly regulated, high-risk industry. Understand HIPAA regulations and corporate compliance so you can assure your practice is following all rules, regulations, and laws that relate to healthcare practices.

Managing Healthcare Delivery Systems

Discover how to effectively coordinate, communicate, and collaborate with the entire healthcare delivery system—providers, patients, insurance companies, and government systems—for efficiency and high-quality care delivery.

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Healthcare Practice Management Training Course Curriculum

The medical practice management training program includes 13 self-paced online modules, broken into digestible lessons you can complete on your own schedule:

  • Introduction to healthcare business processes and workflow​
  • Principles of physician reimbursement​
  • Healthcare revenue cycle management​
  • Basic principles in medical office accounting
  • Healthcare reform​
  • Quality in healthcare​
  • Electronic medical records (EMRs)
  • Modern health IT and interoperability​
  • HIPAA and patient data security​
  • Fraud and abuse and corporate compliance
  • Marketing and business relationships​
  • Space planning and operational flows​​
  • Business continuity​​

Healthcare Office Manager Training Program Options

Health Tech Academy’s medical practice management training program is flexible to fit into your busy lifestyle.

  • Self-paced content
  • 24/7 online access
  • Designed to be completed in 4-6 months or less
  • Clear path toward industry-recognized CPPM certification
  • Mentoring sessions
  • Career services and support

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Physician Practice Manager Certification Online: Course Details

Through partnership with top universities, our online practice management training program helps you expand your skill set and prepares you to take that next step in your career — all in a matter of weeks.


CPPM Eligibility Requirements

There are no minimum requirements to complete Health Tech Academy’s practice management training, but it’s strongly recommended to have a minimum of two years of healthcare experience.

CPPM Training Program Schedule

Over a period of 12 weeks, the practice management training program prepares you to take on the varied roles of a practice manager through personalized online learning and one-on-one mentoring from top coaches. You’ll gain critical skills to help you ensure the healthcare office runs smoothly, with courses broken into digestible lessons to fit into your busy schedule.

CPPM Training Costs

Your total investment for Health Tech Academy’s practice management training program is $2,750, which is less than the cost of most traditional brick-and-mortar schools. Our practice management training program’s accessible pricing and flexible payment options can fit in your budget now and prepare you to achieve your career goals.

Physician Practice Manager Certification Exam Prep

Health Tech Academy’s practice management training will prepare you to take the Certified Physician Practice Manager (CPPM) exam. Achieving this certification will demonstrate your expertise to employers and give them confidence in your skill set to lead their practice.


Physician Practice Management Training Course Comparisons

logo-mark Program Length Clear path to certification One-on-One Coaching with Mentors Flexibility through 24/7 online access
Health Tech Academy $2,500 12 weeks
Community College $4,864 on average (source) 1-2 years Sometimes
Online College $9,600+ per year (source) 1-2 years Sometimes Sometimes

Health Tech Academy Mentoring

No matter what life throws at you, we're here to help you stay on track with a team dedicated to your success. Along with personalized online learning, throughout the practice management training program you’ll receive one-on-one mentoring sessions with a top coach who can provide valuable advice to help support your career goals.


Career Prospects for a Certified Physician Practice Manager

Healthcare organizations are seeking qualified professionals to effectively manage the business side of medicine. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this profession is expected to grow 32% by 2030, much faster than the average for all other occupations.


Physician Practice Manager

A physician practice manager contributes to high-level strategies and oversees the day-to-day operations in a medical practice. These in-demand professionals manage the business needs of a medical practice, helping them achieve their goals. The estimated average total pay (which includes bonuses and incentives) is $88K per year.


Healthcare Office Manager

The role of a healthcare office manager is very similar to a practice manager, with an increased emphasis on the administrative side of medicine. Healthcare office managers often supervise administrative staff including receptionists, and must be familiar with billing and medical records. Healthcare office managers, or medical office managers, make an average of $50K per year, an amount that varies based on location and experience.


Medical Clinic Manager

Medical clinic managers typically manage medical clinics and outpatient facilities. These professionals coordinate with patients, providers, and insurance plans, and ensure the medical clinic has everything it needs to run smoothly. The average salary of a clinic manager is $72K.

Why choose Health Tech Academy?

Health Tech Academy is committed to setting you up for success. Our practice management training is designed to fit your busy lifestyle while empowering you to start or advance your career in healthcare practice management. Through personalized online learning and a unique one-on-one mentoring program, you’ll have the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills, and industry-recognized certification that will impress employers … all in a matter of weeks.

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Healthcare Practice Management Training Program
Program FAQs

What is meant by practice management?

Practice management is the coordination of people and processes to ensure healthcare practices run smoothly. Healthcare organizations are businesses, and practice management is the business side of medicine.

How do I become a good practice manager?

Becoming a good practice manager requires a broad range of knowledge and skills. Specialized training like Health Tech Academy’s practice management training can prepare you to become a Certified Physician Practice Manager (CPPM).

How do you become a Certified Physician Practice Manager?

To become a Certified Physician Practice Manager (CPPM), you must achieve a passing score of 70% or higher on the CPPM exam and maintain an annual AAPC membership. CPPMs are also required to complete 36 Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) every two years.

Where do healthcare practice managers work?

Practice managers work in a variety of healthcare settings, which can include physician’s offices, specialist’s offices, outpatient centers, diagnostic imaging centers, and urgent care clinics.

Do you need qualifications to be a practice manager?

Qualifications to be a practice manager vary depending on the position. Most practice managers have a bachelor’s degree in a healthcare-related field, plus a few years of experience in a medical office. Additional training such as Health Tech Academy’s practice management training, along with CPPM certification, can help aspiring or existing practice managers gain a competitive edge in the job market.

What is CPPM certification?

Certified Physician Practice Management certification, or CPPM, is a credential established by AAPC. AAPC is the largest association for the business of healthcare in the U.S., and CPPM certification shows employers that candidates have the broad range of knowledge required to excel as a practice manager.

How much do CPPMs make?

The average annual salary of CPPMs is $70,895, but this number can vary greatly depending on location, responsibilities, and employers.

Is CPPM certification required to be a medical practice manager?

While CPPM certification is not required to be a medical practice manager, it is an established credential that proves to employers that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the role.

How much does practice management training cost?

Health Tech Academy’s practice management training costs just $2,750—significantly less than many other programs—with payment options to help students fit their education into their budget.

How long does practice management training take?

Health Tech Academy’s practice management training is a self-paced, online program that is designed to be completed in just 12 weeks.

I work full time. Will I be able to complete this practice management training?

Your life is unique – and so is your schedule. Your personalized and self-paced program is available to you 24/7 so you can learn whenever is best for you.

What technology do I need to complete Health Tech Academy’s practice management training program?

Our practice management training course is online, so you’ll need access to a computer, as well as internet connection.

When does Health Tech Academy’s practice management course meet?

Our practice management training is self-paced and online. All content is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing students to fit their learning into their schedule.

Is a medical practice manager a good career?

Medical practice managers, or healthcare practice managers, play a key role in any successful healthcare facility. Day-to-day operations rely on practice managers, who have an impact on patient and provider satisfaction.

Is a practice manager a business role or a healthcare position?

Both. A practice manager is a healthcare professional with business and leadership skills to run the business side of a healthcare facility.

Does Health Tech Academy offer career services?

Yes! Our professional team of career services specialists will coach you through the certification process, resume building, job opportunities, and mock interviews.