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Prepare your students for a meaningful career in healthcare with curated programs designed to meet the demand of today’s emerging healthcare professions.

Become an Academic Partner

Why Health Tech Academy?

Health Tech Academy empowers universities and colleges to increase student enrollments, improve outcomes, and deepen alumni networks. We implement an apprentice-first network at zero upfront cost to you, mapping curriculum to industry certifications, supplementing coursework with apprentice opportunities and individual and group coaching.

Become an Academic Partner

Transform your student through three solutions:

Apprentice Program Management

Apprentice Program Management

Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition Reimbursement

CE Management System

Career Pathways

Apprenticeship Program Management

Apprentice Program Management Become an Academic Partner

Offer on-the-job training alongside coursework

Help your students fast track their career in healthcare with apprenticeship programs that offer students the opportunity to train with skilled professionals while they complete their education.


  • Curate programs that foster dynamic community development through apprenticeship and upskilling programs
  • Give students a direct path to hire following graduation
  • Supplement your ever-growing alumni pool with certified, career-ready apprentices

Empower students to access their dream career in healthcare

Education is changing. Today, the best educators deliver flexible lessons designed to be consumed, retained, and implemented in alignment with employer recruiting, training, and upskilling initiatives.

Proactive talent nurturing reduces turnover, increases productivity, and improves morale.

Become part of the university and college marketplace that Health Tech Academy promotes to employers.


  • Leverage our marketplace of certification programs offered by academic institutions
  • Curate university and college apprentice programs coordinated with industry certifications to enhance the learning experience
  • Employee access to university & colleges certification and bootcamps to upskill themselves through employer-sponsored tuition reimbursement program

Tuition Reimbursement Program

Tuition Reimbursement Program Become an Academic Partner

Career Pathways

CE Management System Become an Academic Partner

Build career ready healthcare professionals

Health Tech Academy partners with institutions to reinforce education through bootcamps and certifications that elevate student potential and create opportunities for post-graduation hire.


  • Leverage a modern learning experience platform to drive new student enrollment
  • Activate a cross university program exchange designed to teach students the skills necessary for today’s in-demand healthcare roles

FAQs for Higher Education

Does Health Tech Academy offer financial aid?

We offer a variety of payment plans for students who cannot afford full upfront costs. Reference our Payment Options page for more information.

Why should our organization partner with Health Tech Academy?

Health Tech Academy offers a catalog of certification courses with virtual instruction, hands-on labs an customized student experiences – the perfect environment to foster the next generation of skilled healthcare employees.

How much money can your bootcamp participants expect to earn upon course completion?

A number of factors contribute to a learner’s post-graduation income. Some individuals can earn as much as $70,000 after completing a bootcamp, provided that they offer the right combination of skill and experience for an in-demand healthcare role.

Do you offer customized training?

Yes, we do! Each of our learning tracks is fully customizable, according to your specifications. We deliver self-paced, virtual learning opportunities that teach students the skills today’s healthcare employers actively seek.

Are certifications included with your bootcamps?

Yes, they are! Each bootcamp we offer is associated with at least one certification.